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Vardaan Super Jaivik Bio Fertiliser

This bio microorganisms fertiliser (Vardan jaivik jeevanu khaad) - is a soil enriching product that stimulates agricultural growth organically.

This thick and dark brown growth product is free from infected plants, weeds, odour generated molecules and other non organic matter. Vardan fertilizer contains super organic molecules for the protection of micro organisms such as azotobacter, actinomycytis, phosphate solubilisers, root canal bacteria etc.

Vardan and Soil Fertility

Soil fertility not only depends on the chemical composition of Vardan but also uses the microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae that are capable of fixing atmospheric Nitrogen or convert insoluble phosphate in the soil into forms available to plants. Vardan is cost effective, eco-friendly and renewable sources of plant nutrients to supplement chemical fertlisers. It plays a vital role in maintaining long term soil fertility and sustainability.


Storage Keep in a cold and dry place. 20-25% moisture to be maintained. Use water spray if moisture content drops below 15%.


Packaging Available in 40 and 50 Kg HDPE bags with special plastic liners to improve shelf life.